Saturday, July 2, 2011

Five Black Saturdays

It just so happens that the month of July has five Saturdays, five Sundays, and 5 Fridays. Sundays would be a good day for success and money magic, Fridays for love, and of course Saturdays focusing on enemy workings, curses, etc. I will be focusing Saturdays as this kind of working is something I have experience in and get a lot of request for information about. So each Saturday of this month I will detail how to craft a different item used in Hoodoo for this kind of work. In this series I will cover:
July 2nd- Poppets
July 9th- Goofer Dust
July 16th- Hot Foot Powder
July 23rd- Commanding Oil
July 30th- Black Arts Oil
There will be a post on poppets before the end of the day. But wait, there's more! I will be creating enough to make three "Black Boxes".  Each box will be hand painted by me and include all 5 items made in the posts as well as 4 additional curios that will bring the item count to 9. 2 of the boxes will be for sell, but one luck person will be getting one for free! Tell me more you say? I will be holding a contest and both Facebook and Twitter followers will be eligible. All you have to do is share or tweet all five post in the series to be included in the drawing for a hand made conjure box. On Facebook tag Crossroads of Sorcery each time you share a post. On twitter include @Brotherash. I will keep track of everyone that shares all of the post in the series and do a drawing at the beginning of next month. Time for some of the "ol' black magic".

Want a limited edition, hand painted box containing all of the items in this series crafted by Brother Ash ? Click (Here)

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