Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Okay, I have had it! I honestly don't want to receive another email requesting to get back someone's ex girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife. Also no request to help people have sex with someone that they have no chance of being with. Since this is a blog, I will explain why. First off maybe he/she just not that into you. Yes that sucks and is hard to deal with for sure. That doesn't mean it's worth the time and effort to try and force them to love you. Sometimes you may hit a rough patch and need to sweeten things in a relationship. That is something I can help with. All I ever get is request from people with relationships that are over and the other person is trying to move one. It's been months or years and they are still obsessing. Let it go, it's not healthy. Plus gentlemen as far as sex goes, what makes you think it is acceptable to magically force someone that doesn't want you? You wouldn't physically force yourself on someone (I hope) so don't trying to rationalize doing the metaphysical equivalent.

I am a strong believer that magic needs to come fro a place of power and confidence. Spells like this come from a place of fear and uncertainty. Fear that you can't or won't find someone new. I am more than happy to do spell work to help someone attract someone new for love or just to hook up. 99% of the time when I present that option people aren't interested. They don't want love or satisfaction, just to fulfill an an obsession and ease those fears. It's not how I prefer to work, nor will I waste my time doing so. I charge for workings because my time is valuable, and this isn't worth it. That's another thing, everyone is expecting me to provide them with love struck zombies and have no money to do so! Good luck finding a a worker willing to do what you want basically pro bono. Trust me, this kind of work can be done but it will cost you and more than likely you will be ripped off. One of my things is that I never want to take someone's money just for the sake of making money. I recently refunded someone their money for a reading that wanted to know if I could bring their girlfriend back. I could have just done the reading, gave them a NO and pocketed the money, but that's not how I roll. 

You may have noticed that this post has been generally unsympathetic toward the feelings of the heart broken. That is another reason that I can't do work like this. Sure I have had my heart broken but can not sympathize with thew at all. That keeps me from putting my heart in the work.  In summary the kind of requests that I have been getting lately are fearful, unhealthy, obsessive, and not worth my time. I will however be glad to help anyone that wants to attract something new and progress. That is what I do conjure for and encourage others to use their own for as well.