Monday, July 18, 2011

5BS #3: Black Arts Oil

Black Arts Oil and powder are used for two purposes, one being crossing and the other is pact making rituals with demons or the Devil himself.  Most of the ingredients in this blend are standard ones found in many used for crossing, such as black pepper, sulfur,  and Spanish moss. One ingredient in particular seems to give Black Arts its evocational or pact making quality and that is mullein. While mullein is used for its crossing properties , it can also be used to protect from and command the infernal forces. Including this herb in your blend will increase your ability to coerce the forces called upon.  If you don’t plan on using black arts to call upon demons I would consider mullein optional. 

For crossing purposes you can sprinkle the oil or powder in the path of your enemy to cross and cause them great pain. I have also used it to anoint candles, poppets, and petition papers for enemy work.  For pact making rites I anoint myself, the candles and written pact with the oil. You can also use the powder to lay out the triangle of evocation. I don’t recommend using this oil or powder for demonic  workings without plenty of research, a solid regimen of spiritual cleansing, and a practiced method of spiritual protection. 

To make this blend out will need:
·         Patchouli
·         Vandal Root
·         Black Mustard Seeds
·         Spanish Moss
·         Mullein*
·         Sulpher
·         9 Whole Black Peppercorns

Add a pinch each of patchouli, vandal root, black mustard seeds, Spanish moss, mullein, and sulpher  to ½ ounce of carrier oil such as almond. I use jojoba  for my carrier. Let seep for at least a week in a cool dark place.  Shake it daily. Strain through cheesecloth into a bottle and add the 9 black peppercorns to the bottle. You can also add tincture of benzoin to keep the blend from going rancid.  I personally don’t mind having my black arts oil go rancid due to its nature. To make Black Arts Powder, grind all of the ingredients and add them a base of cornstarch. 

Tincture of Benzoin
Add 2 ounces of benzoin gum powder to 4 oz of water and 12 oz of clear alcohol such as vodka or everclear.  Keep capped for two weeks and shake daily.  Strain and bottle for use. 

I apologize for the lack pf pics in this tutorial. Camera Crapped out. Will be up and running with pics by the next post. 

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Ocean Delano said...

I love your entire series of 5 Black Saturdays posts, Brother Ash. It's awesome stuff.

I wanted to ask you about this recipe. I've seen others just like it, except others tend to also include black dog hair, sometimes specifically black poodle hair.

What are your thoughts on the necessity of that particular ingredient?

Brother Ash said...

You know, I am not sure how I left black dog hair out of this post. I don't use it in my oil, but is certainly a traditional ingredient. The black dog is a form that the Devil is known to assume so it would be great to include in infernal pacts with H.I.M. I use my oil primarily for Goetic workings and the occasional enemybwork so I keep the ingredients geared toward that. Thanks for bringing that up.