Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thank You High John the Conqueror!

I wanted to make a post to thank High John the Conqueror for all of the work that he has done for me. He has brought much success into my life, and I am grateful. I also want to open this post up for other people to thank High John as well as some have been doing on my Saint Expedite post . So if you have worked with High John using the methods in my booklet, or your own personal methods, please feel free to thank him here for his work. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

"Your body language shapes who you are"

I dig Ted Talks, and stumbled across this one by the other day on Netflix. If you have a Netflix account and have watched all the "Dr. Who" episodes, take some time to enjoy a few of these great talks. This talk covers the way that your body language can not only have a subtle internal effect on you, but also the way that those changes can effect the way that other people perceive as well. This is the kind of technique that could be backed up with some commanding, power, or "bend over" conjure workings. Check out the video. I am a fan of the phrase" fake it until you become it". That's a good mantra.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Compleat Sorcerer

The Eye of Agamotto
I have been going through another one of my quiet phases where I don't have much to say. Recently I have thought of something that I want to so say, but not sure if I had the right words to say it. So instead of waiting for the right words, I am just going to rant this one out the best that I can. First I will start with an apology of sorts. When I started this blog my goal was simple:

"...to do my best to present my views on the art of sorcery and give clear instruction on my methods that can be reproduced by those that are willing to roll up their sleeves and do work."
I do not feel that I have been successful in that aspect, and for that I apologize. The main reason I have not been successful is because most of my posts were focused simply on how to cast spells. While I believe that spell work is a very powerful tool for a modern sorcerer/ess to achieve their goals, it is not by far the only tool that they should possess. Far too many people turn to magic in hopes of finding an easier way to realize their dreams. Easier, as in less real world effort. It is of my opinion that there is no "magic" bullet.  I get so many requests from people asking for spells to make them rich. The only way to get rich with spells is by telling other people that you can make them rich with a spell, and then charging them a lot of money that they probably do not have to do so. Or I will get request for love spells from men that are afraid to actually approach and speak to their love interest. You get the idea

But this post isn't about people that want to have someone do work for them. This post is directed at individuals that wish to direct their power and control their fate. The key word here is POWER, which seems to be the missing ingredient from a lot of people's lives. I have met quite a few people that can proficiently talk about spell casting for hours, and will even try to convince you of how "powerful" and successful their workings have been. However none of that power seems to carry over into their presence outside of their working space or altar room, in my opinion, that is not sorcery. For me sorcery is every action that you take to manipulate situations, people, and circumstances to conform to your desire. Spell casting is only small tool in the arsenal of a competent sorcerer. There's other things like understanding body language/no verbal communication, being able to establish rapport, goal setting, and time management, just to name a few. I just don't believe that anyone is knocking it out of the park 100 or even 80% of the time with spell casting alone. In fact I will say that in my opinion and experience, sorcery is actually about 30% spell casting, and the rest is other forms of empowerment and manipulation. There are clues hidden in the lore of legendary conjure and cunning folk that this has been a secret part of the formula for some time. 

The focus of my post for the near future will focus on what I call becoming a Compleat Sorcerer™. Trust me you will be hearing more of this phrase in the near future. I am by no means saying that I have mastered these other tools. I have been experimenting, and will continue to researching, and share what I learn with you all. 

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Ernest Hemingway