Monday, January 28, 2013

Wisdom of the Raven: The Mystic Way of Cabal Fang

"A blend of fact and fable, the practical and the esoteric, 'Wisdom of the Raven' instructs the reader in the spiritual underpinnings of Cabal Fang Martial Arts. Learn the basics of the Three Sisters -- contemplation, meditation, and prayer -- and how they come together to inform the mystic experience."
I may have mentioned once or twice that I practice a martial art called Cabal Fang . My good friend and founder of the martial art Robert Mitchell  has made the "Cabal Fang Martial Arts Manual" available for free on Smashwords, as well as a new companion booklet called "Wisdom of the Raven: The Mystic Way of Cabal Fang" Even if you are not into martial arts I highly recommend downloading the Wisdom of the Raven. It;s an excellent primer for anyone interesting in incorporating contemplation, and meditation into their spiritual practices. No complex breathing methods or anything like that, just easy to follow instructions to get you started. Did I mention that it is FREE?! Go download it now!

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