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Monday, July 20, 2009

Contents Flammable or My Goetic adventure

So I have been busy doing a little Goetic working. I am not prepared to to disclose which spirit at this time, but I would like to discuss the method and some of what happened during the ritual.

I was inspired by spirit pot operation done by Fr. Rufus Opus where he created a palo mayombe like spirit pot to work with the Goetic entity Bune. This appealed to my as it came close to the flavor that I wanted to capture with my own workings. I always want to approach the beings with respect and honor. So I decided to make a pot in honor of the spirit that I wanted to learn from. I got a great brass pot from ebay and polished it up. For the basis of the inside of the pot I gathered some dirt from a place that is signifigant to the working, added some Solomon's seal root, High John the Conqueror, Frankincense (the spirit is a king and so this was added for solar aspects), three large quartz crystals, and the sigil of the Demon on golden paper. I also created an altar cloth for the spirit and painted it's sigil in 18k gold leaf paint on the fabric.

I set up the altar on a waist height square table with the altar cloth, the pot and two taper candles placed in black pillar shaped holders to the left and right of the pot. I thought it would be good to do some meditation on the sigil to draw the spirit closer and to connect with it prior to doing the full conjuration. My philosophy behind this is simple, how happy would you be with someone that ask to borrow something important the first time you two meet? So I spent a few nights doing these meditations. I decided to do the full conjuration on Sunday morning @ 6:05 am (sunrise). I rarely work by planetary hours so this was enough significance for me. Sat night I decided to make two incense blends, one for me to burn on my altar and working space, and the other to burn in the triangle as a basis for the spirit to manifest. For my altar incense I just mixed some Acacia flower with frankincense for heightened spiritual perception. For the spirit is used Dark Copal, Aloes Wood, and Frankincense again for the solar aspect, I also added some salt peter to this blend.

Sunday morning I was ready for the working and had the temple all set up. I did the usual opening of the temple and all that jazz and then began the conjuration after lighting the incense in the triangle. After the preliminary words of conjuration I continued to gaze at the sigil and vibrate the spirit's name. After several minutes I thought I saw a spark in the cauldron where I was burning the incense and charcoal. Thought nothing of it and continued chanting, when.....All of a sudden there was flames in the cauldron at the point when the chanting intensified. I quickly got up and used a dagger to moved the charcoal around a bit and smothered the fire, and for some reason added more incense. My first though was "well at least I don't have Abramelin oil in my eyes" (see "My Life with the Spirits" by Lon Milo Duquette). I sat back down in my chair and resumed chanting. Again after a few minutes once the chanting intensified the cauldron was suddenly filled with flames which fortunately did not spill out of the pot. This time I had to douse the fire with water. I said my apologies to the spirit this time and agreed to try the evocation later that evening.

It seems I had put too much saltpeter in the incense. In the mortar it looked like a lot of incense so I added a little extra saltpeter. To fix the problem I added a little extra aloes wood powder and it burned just fine. I redid the conjuration at about 10pm with non problems. The spirit agreed to inhabit the pot and continue to work with me. I look forward to being under the demon's tutelage and not setting my altar room on fire.