Tuesday, November 26, 2013

La Santa Muerte in Tepito

Check out this great little article on Her Most Holy Death, and Tepito Mexico. The pictures really show the diversity of her followers, and the creativity that they put into creating personal statues to her. It has inspired me to create my own.

Monday, November 25, 2013


I made it to my 100th post and it only took me.....Well never mind how long it took me to get there. I am the "Silent Bob" of occult blogging. I only speak when I feel that I have something worth saying. I truly appreciate everyone that has tuned into read, comment, share, and support this blog over the past couple of years. I don't post a lot of content (clearly), so I appreciate everyone that has stayed engaged.

I would like to take this time to re-introduce myself. My name is Charles T. Ellis Jr, aka "Brother Ash". This blog is my attempt to explore what sorcery means to me, and what it takes to get the results that we desire. My views on this topic have changed since I started the blog, and continue to evolve. I once fancied myself a worker, but now just don't have the desire, or time to devote to client work. I am always willing to answer questions, and help out someone looking to do their own work, so feel free to email me with any questions that you might have.

If anyone is curious what I have been up to, I have been at work researching my upcoming booklet "Conjuring the Devil" which I have now moved the release date to next spring. I decided that this project needed a little more a scholarly touch than the "High John" booklet called for and has left me contemplating some interesting questions that I hope answer for myself and the reader. I will be launching a website specifically for that book as well, so be on the lookout for that. I have already previewed some of the material from the booklet through my newsletter (Subscribe to your left ------->), and will probably include some directors cut material through there as well, that doesn't make it into the book.

I have also apparently been becoming a stand-up comedian in the past year as well. Since the first time that I took the stage  , I have since one that same competition twice, and placed in the top three quite a few times. In this month's competition I was voted crowd favorite, which landed me a guest spot last night with the hilarious Brad Williams. It's been a interesting year for sure. I have been putting a lot of time into getting better with my comedy, and looking to branch out start getting more gigs soon, and come to a town near you. Tonight I am performing as Jules in a stage reading of "William Shakespeare presents: Pulp Fiction". That should be fun.

Thanks again for reading, you all rock!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What the F*#@ Did You Just Say?

I had someone email me recently asking for advice on a spell because they were new to casting. They explained the steps that they had taken, and two things stuck out to me. The first was that the spell called for 3 drops of blood, but no mention on who it was meant to pay, feed, or be an offering to. Secondly it had an incantation, "Helistami Balu Stika". It didn't take me long to find the site that the person had found this spell on, What I did not find however, was any explanation of who or what it called upon. I also could find no real translation, other than Helistami may mean "to call" in Estonian. I am going to do a more detailed post on blood soon, so we will tackle that later. But I can't stress enough the importance of never saying anything out loud during a working, that you aren't aware of the full meaning or implications of. In a working, words are important, be they written or vocalized. Take care of everything that you say. You wouldn't want to have a Professor Raymond Knowby type incident would you?

 "Kanda… Es-trada.. Montos… Ea-grets… Gat… Nos-feratos… Kanda… Amantos… Kanda." - Professor Raymond Knowby, The Evil Dead