Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To Be Silent....

I am sure that many in the conjure community are by now familiar with the controversy surrounding noted Root doctor Dr. Kioni in regards to a ritual sacrifice utilized in a clients work that some have found questionable. Dr. K posted a picture of the working in question on his Facebook page which resulted in some offended parties starting an online petition , and the family of the deceased that grave belonged to being informed of the working. I personally have no feelings regarding the nature of the sacrifice. How he does is work is his business. It also seems that the way this is being pushed by certain parties has more to do with bad blood going on behind the scenes than concern for animal rights. It is sad that it couldn't quietly between them instead of spilling into something very public that would allow for such a negative light on conjure. I am not sure how often Hoodoo gets national press, so on the rare instance that is does, I find it regretful that the headline would have to read "Hoodoo ritual sacrifice shocks family" in USA Today. 

What I feel Dr. Kioni did do wrong, was share the picture and any details of the working in the first place. It was clearly an attempt at self promotion that back fired and gave fuel to potential enemies. He has since acknowledged and apologized for the mistake. I urge all those new to this work to learn from this lesson. Secrecy is one of the most important and often times overlooked aspects of this art. Growing up you would have never known that conjure was done in our house, there was no permanent altar, and no curios or roots to be seen. I was taught that that even though you friends and family may have the best of intentions and on the surface seem to hope the best for you and all the success in the world, subconsciously jealousy is what a lot of  them will have. That deeper jealousy turns into negative energy projected at you and any thing you have in the works that they are aware of. Play all of your workings close the vest at least until they come to pass to prevent the possibility of this energy becoming an obstacle. By the time the working has come to fruition what is the point in talking then unless it is simply to brag? Bragging is not very becoming and also can cause more problems then its worth. 

If secrecy is important to guard against friends you have to know it goes double for enemies. Never give your enemies anything except for that proverbial "enough rope to hang themselves". Conjure is not a religion, it is a magical or occult practice. There is no need to advertise and and seek some sort of social acceptance of it's practice.  It is not meant to be shared with or even necessarily understood by those not in the know. If you reveal too much of what you do, those that would wish to harm your image in the public eye can easily do so by appealing to the most base ignorance and fears of those around you. Don't give them that fuel when there is no need to. You study conjure enough and you will see the stealthy and hidden nature in which is has developed, and is continued to be deployed to this day. That has been cultivated over time for a reason, respect that, and it will serve you well. 


AfricanGordita said...

Thanks for this Brother Ash. I recently asked a very similar question to this before I had heard of Dr. Kioni. Once again great blog!

Modred said...

Good points Brother Ash. I'm reminded of The Hermetic Quaternary, a.k.a. the Witches' Pyramid: To Know, To Will, to Dare, to KEEP SILENT. Although it's true that if you don't toot your own horn there will be no music, a wise person knows when to shut up for safety, and when to be silent so as to better receive messages from the spirits, the Gods, and the Universe. This was a missed opportunity for Dr. K.

The Sorcerer / Silenciumetaurum said...

Br.A~ First, how are you? I'm enjoying your writings and insights as always and hope you are well!

I know parties concerned here, and I can say that it just makes me sad. They're both really accomplished practitioners with a lot to teach. Personally, I have learned from both of them and have a huge amount of respect for them. The whole thing seems like there's some money and a lot of ego at the root of it.

That USA Today article was about as ignorant and uninformed as you might expect. And there will always be those vultures who seek to profit in some way when the occult world has a falling out.

I agree completely about keeping silent. In these more liberal times (at least in this country), it's easy to let your guard down. But we shouldn't forget that witches can get burned only if the crazies notice them.



Brother Ash said...

@AfricanGordita Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it.

Brother Ash said...

@Modred: I agree that this was a missed opportunity for Dr. Kioni. It has been my experience that sometimes the spirits will reveal rituals and techniques that are meant just for the individual. Any good teacher understands each student's individual level of progress and style of learning and can tailor lessons and techniques to have the maximum impact for them. Our guide spirits and patrons do just that. Often those lessons aren't meant to share with the rest of the class. I have learned some practical things that I have shared, and some that I wouldn't give up even if you water boarded me.

I think he not only missed an opportunity but probably stripped this particular ritual of any power for future use.

Brother Ash said...

@The Sorcerer: I have been great. Just keeping very busy as of late. Unfortunately not as busy with the blog as I should be. How are things with you?

It is clear that ego and money are both at play, while everyone wants to play innocent. I don't realy have ties to any party either way. I guess what really makes it so sad is that given the level of experience with all involved, everyone should know better and have more maturity here. But then again being a spiritual worker doesn't make one any more immune to mundane trappings. Like my profile says " I put my pants on one hoof at a time like everybody else".

Unknown said...

Came across this today and its weird as i used to listen to the radio show and one day i wasnt hearing Dr K anymore.I asked on the show one evening and was told he's moved on . had no idea it was about this stuff. Yes its good to keep yer pie hole shut @times