Monday, February 13, 2012

Necromancy Oil Part 3: The Altar

This update is a bit delayed since I have been busy with client work and other projects. I exhumed the oil and the skull from the mock grave that I made for after making weekly prayers and offerings of whiskey and tobacco. Once I cleaned everything off I went about setting up a working altar. I decided to place the altar between my ancestral and Santisima Muerte altars. 

I am usually very minimalist when it comes to altars and this one was no exception. Besides the skull and oil, I have two white candles (dressed with van van oil), a water cup, incense burner, flower vase, cauldron, two crow wings,small white cross, and a sickle tool that I made from an antique blade and two found bones I received from a friend. 

After making my weekly offerings and prayers to my ancestors and Her most Holy Death, I conducted a simple rite to call upon the spirits of the unnamed dead. I feel very confident about this work and am happy with the way it turned out. I will be doing some experimenting with the workings for myself before involving the dead with my clients. I look forward to learning more about this form of working, but from research and the spirits.