Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spirit Offerings

Offerings to Erzulie Dantor 
Anyone that works with spirits knows that presenting offerings to them is a good way to establish or maintain working a relationship.  Everyone gets caught up in knowing which spirits prefer what offerings, or trying to buy the most expensive things that they can.  It is all fine and well to purchase expensive items for your spirit allies that have helped you to attain the means to do so.  It is important to remember the nature of what offerings are and why they are given to get the most out of the act of giving.  To me the act of ritual offering at its core is an energy exchange. Be it food, alcohol, blood, incense, or candles, all offerings are consumed by a spirit on the subtle level. Some workings will even call for giving a direct offering of spiritual energy by way rubbing your hands together until they are hot and then directing energy to flow at the working altar. With this being the case, one of the most important things to consider during the act of presenting offerings is your sincerity.

Why sincerity? Let me offer a somewhat morbid analogy. Consider for a moment flowers left at a grave. Usually a loved one will stand there and have a mix of emotions and feelings going through them at that time. Some of what they are feeling will be expressed vocally in an attempt to reach out and connect to the spirit that is being remembered and honored. Their feelings in that moment are genuine and this act facilitates a flow of energy toward where they are focusing it. The flowers only serve as a token to symbolize what they are feeling and wanting to express. That’s essentially what a spirit offering amounts to in ritual, a symbolic representation of what you want to express rather it’s gratitude or a desire to have them work on your behalf. Even if you view your transactions with spirits to be purely business, sincerity should be considered. If you were to invite a potential client or partner to lunch and simply went through the motions it would be plainly obvious. There is a good chance that you would lose that business. But if during the meeting you were able to show a sincere desire to obtain their business and show how it would benefit them you would have a better chance. In that scenario lunch is the offering, just a token.

So just remember that in the process of giving offerings that your own mindset is just as important to the process as what you give. You can’t bullshit a spirit.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Announcing "High John the Conqueror" and a Twitter Contest!

I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of my booklet, "High John the Conqueror".

Many have heard of High John the Conqueror root, but did you know that High John is also a spirit that you can petition directly? In this pamphlet I lay out my methods for working with this powerful spirit. You will learn:

How to petition High John the Conqueror with a simple ritual.
Traditional offerings given to His spirit
How to make High John Oil
Easy Mojo Hands and Spells
Includes the full tutorial for Brother Ash's Jack Ball.

This 19 page booklet will be available the second week of November in both eBook and print format.

Pre-Order Your Copy Today!


Follow me on Twitter for a chance to win a free copy of "High John the Conqueror" and be entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize! Here is how:

Every Friday afternoon between October 12th and November 2nd I will be tweeting a link to this blog post. If you are the first to re-tweet it that day you will automatically win a free copy of the booklet and be entered into the drawing for the grand prize. Everyone that re-tweets it will be entered into the drawing for the grand prize as well. Every re-tweet is an entry into drawing, so the more times that you re-tweet, the better your chances of winning!. What is the grand prize you ask?
  • A copy of the booklet
  • Red yarn and wax to make  Jack Ball
  • A red flannel pouch for a mojo
  • And of course some High John Roots!
Good Luck and thank you for reading Crossroads of Sorcery!