Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Left my Mark

I have been thinking a lot lately about when  I used to play in a metal band back in the day. I say back in the day like an old timer but I am only 30 so it was just a few years ago. Anyhow, it reminded me of an action that I took one day that I believe yielded a successful magical result. One night I was at a concert at a local venue called the Canal Club. Since I know people that know people I was backstage hanging out with some of the bands and whatnot. I kept a sharpie on me at all times back then and decided to leave a tag on the wall that said "Dead but Dreaming, (Band name that I was forming at the time. A little lame in retrospect) We'll be back." I also included a sigilized form of my name on the wall. Dead but dreaming never made to the Canal Club but about a year later I tried out for another band called Pyne, they kicked out their singer the next day and I was in. Pyne did play the club on quite a few occasions. The first time we did I went back stage and the tag was still there. I realized that it had come full circle and chalked it up as a magical success.

Never underestimate your ability to will something to happen or to draw situations with a little work and "simple" act of magic.

Wild & Dirty Witchcraft

My good friend Modred has issued an interesting challenge to his readers of his Blog and will be rewarding those that accept the challenge with a hand bound copy of his book, "Wood Witch: A Wilding Workbook". Go check it out!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mississippi Death Conjure: Commentary

 I saw this set of videos posted by  Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly and found it interesting. Thought I would share and elaborate just a tad for the curious.

The recipe for "conjure clay" is pretty much your basic recipe for homemade clay that you used as a kid:

1 Cup Salt; 1 Cup Flour; 1/2 cup sugar, Food coloring optional; 1/2 Cup Water
Stir salt and flour together in a medium bowl. Add food coloring to water to achieve desired color. Pour water into salt and flour mixture and knead until mixture is doughy, adding more flour or water as necessary. Store in airtight container. Objects made with this clay will air dry in about 48 hours.

The ingredients mixed into the clay vary according to the preference of the worker. You will want to include spanish moss as it is used in poppets meant to represent another human being. Also because of is twisted and gnarled like appearance it is excellent for hexing/crossing. The rest of the ingredients can be any combination of crossing materials i.e. goofer dust, dirt dauber nest, sulphur, black pepper, etc. The number of ingredients that you use should be an odd number.

The anointing oil used on the candle should be black arts or crossing. Make sure you take a spiritual bath after doing this kind of work. It should go without saying, but this kind of conjure is serious and should be taken lightly. Cast responsibly! 

DIY: Do work!

I had a conversation with someone recently that set me off a bit and inspired this post. This individual has already paid good money for an apprenticeship with a well known sorcerer which is a step in the right direction. However they continue to spend serious money on copious amounts of books, and charged items in search of a magic bullet that will make them the next sorcerer supreme. This person came to me recently asking if I could make a talisman or amulet charged with the powers of the Goddess Hecate to provide wisdom and guidance in the magical arts. I suggested that it would be more of a benefit if they made their own offerings to the Her and asked for guidance. There responses was that they"didn't have time". I "politely" pointed out that they had been conversing with me online for more than an hour, they could find the time. If they don't have time to do the work how would they benefit from an increase in magical knowledge anyway?I ended up telling him that if he couldn't find the time to put in the work then this may not be the art for him. He didn't take that too well.

On a recent trip to my local spiritual supply shop I had a long conversation with one of the shop's owners who is a long time rootworker. He tells everyone how important is that they do the work themselves. A petition to the universe or a particular spirit, deity, etc is much more powerful when it comes from the individual with the need. I couldn't agree more. I am of the opinion that conjure or rootwork is not hard work, but it does require work. One doesn't need to perform a daily meditation, LBRP, or middle pillar exercise to be successful at it. But when the time comes to get things done you roll up your sleeves and put 110% into it. The time put into study and more importantly practice does pay off. That is it, there is no big secret formula to it, just do work.

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