Sunday, July 3, 2011

5 Black Saturdays Pt 1: Poppets

I always prefer to use a poppet whenever possible for  enemy work.  They are just very  hands one to me and get me in the right mindset for the task at hand. Poppets can be made from a variety of materials such as clay, wax, straw, spanish moss. When I make poppets, my go to is usually a spanish moss one. Making a spanish moss poppet is the essence of simplicity.

You will need:

Two Strong Sticks
 The sticks can be any kind of wood. You can chose a wood that corresponds to the purpose of the poppet if you chose. I have used bamboo skewers in a pinch with no problems.
Cord Or String To Tie the Sticks Together and Bind the Moss to the Sticks
 In this doll I am using raffia to bind the sticks and the moss. You can use any material that you wish. I usually use jute or raffia as they are natural fibers and strong enough for my purposes.
Spanish Moss
 Spanish Moss is traditionally used in dolls that are meant to represent a person no matter what condition the doll is created for.
Rectangle of Fabric. Black in this Case

Cord, String, or Ribbon to Bind the Outside of the Poppet

 The color of the cord should match the intent of the doll. I like to use waxed thread (Tandy Leather in this case) because it binds so well

Step  One:
Tie the Two Sticks Together in a "T" Shape
Step 2:
Wrap the Sticks With Spanish Moss
Step 3:
Use Cord to Bind Moss to the Sticks
Step 4: 
Lay the Fabric Over the Poppet and Bind With Cord
That's it. Pretty quick and simple. I tend to make a mess with the spanish moss and probably spend more time cleaning up than making the doll. You can add any pictures, personal concerns, or details to the doll that represent the target at this time. Once the doll is made it just needs to be consecrated and then "baptized" for the work at hand. 

Baptizing Your Doll

The process of baptizing your doll is essentially the final task in naming the doll after the intended target and making your will be known that this poppet will act as a sympathetic link to them. Your ritual should be along the lines of this:

“I baptize thee (Name), in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (you
may substitute your personal Higher Power here). In life, this is now that who
I wish you to be. All that is asked of you happens now as I so do command.”
“As day goes by and time is infinite, I alone now control the deepest desires,
dreams, and actions of (Name of doll or person whom the doll represents).
Your life is now as joyful servant to me and my family, you are mine to
control, for my purpose alone.”
Credit: Denise Alvarado "Voodoo Dolls in Magick and Ritual"

While speaking the words I anoint the forehead of the poppet with Black Arts oil in the form of a cross. Once  baptized you can use it in any spell that calls for a poppet.

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