Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting My Hands Dirty

St.Balthazar recently had a post on his Gnostic Conjure Blog about the magic of dirt. Like most Hoodoo practitioners I keep a little bit of graveyard dirt on my altar just in case I need it. But I don't utilize dirt in my conjure as much as I could. After reading this last post I was inspired to think of a place in the city that I would want to use dirt from. I rarely do curse work but recently have had just cause to do so. I wanted to collect dirt for a spell bottle and could think of only one place in the city that would be perfect. That place is called the "Site of Suffering".

During the Civil War Belle Isle in Richmond, VA was used as a confederate prisoner of war camp between 1861-1865. Over 30,000 soldiers passed through the prison. Due to poor conditions they died by the hundreds. The site has become known as the Site of Suffering. I was in the area last night at a local club when my friends decided to call it an early night (1:30am for me is still early). So I went back to my car grabbed some supplies and made the 1 1/2 mile walk to the isle. I made a quick offering to the spirits of the Isle, gathered my dirt and got out of there. I may be trained in physical and psychic self defense, but between the homeless squatters and restless spirits I didn't want to linger too long.

So this dirt is going in a bottle with a certain someone's name in it. They know who they are....