Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5BS #5: Goofer Dust.

Goofer Dust is one of the most potent and dangerous powders used in the practice of conjure. The word goofer is said to derive from the Kikongo word "kufwa," which means "to kill".  Goofer dust is quite literally a killing powder. It works slowly over time eroding the targets health and all other aspects of their life. It is deployed in a manner of different ways such as, foot tracks magic, bottle spells, used to snuff out candles, and even love spells. The ingredients for the dust vary according to a practitioner's personal style. The main ingredient is a base of graveyard dirt. Some gather this dirt from the graves of criminals and persons known to be violent within their former lives, Not everyone does this however. Cemetery work and gathering dirt is a very delicate process and is not to be done lightly or without proper instruction.This is not something that I will go into detail about within this post.

Other known ingredients are usually used for their symbolic or potentially poisonous natures, such as sulfur, snake skin or sheds, black salt, dried feces,bone dust, and iron filings. I think that the presence of iron filings within the formula points to the true origins of how this powder was originally prepared and empowered. While iron has been associated with both good workings such as repelling evil, and in negative aspects such as being referred to as the "Bones of Set" in Egyptian folklore, it has one interesting use that makes sens in regards to goofer dust. Iron bars are used around cemeteries to keep the spirits of the dead within it's confines. The same material could be used to keep spiritual energy trapped inside the powder as well. A spiritual energy that would be attached to the powder both from the graveyard dirt, and also from bone used within the powder as a base for a particular spirit to work through,  Essentially goofer dust when made in the traditional sense is far more necromantic then it is given credit for today. It is "conjure" in the purest sense of the word. Or perhaps it would be better to say it is a healthy mix of necromancy and pharmakos. 

Originally this was planned as a tutorial on exactly how to create this powder. I have sense been informed by my ancestors that this is not knowledge for me to give away completely at this time. I do feel that I have given enough information for one to continue their research and go about the process of creating their own mixture if they so choose. As always I can only urge that you cast responsibly. 

I want to thank everyone that has made this series of postings a success. I appreciate all of the love that I have been getting from readers via both Facebook and Twitter. I means a lot to knowing that people are reading and learning new things to add to their own practice. You all certainly make the work and effort worthwhile. 

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Modred said...

I won't be whipping up a batch anytime soon, but this was a wicked fun (and informative) read.

gia2004 said...

Your very hands on and I have learned a lot thank you for posting

Gypsy said...

Thank you for sharing this as I needed a "recipe" for creating this may I also ask that in creating this wouldn't it make it more potent to ask/call energy from African Gods/Goddess? for the intent.
Thanks again GypsyMagickRaven