Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thank You High John the Conqueror!

I wanted to make a post to thank High John the Conqueror for all of the work that he has done for me. He has brought much success into my life, and I am grateful. I also want to open this post up for other people to thank High John as well as some have been doing on my Saint Expedite post . So if you have worked with High John using the methods in my booklet, or your own personal methods, please feel free to thank him here for his work. 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you John the Conqueror!

My dear John the Conqueror for whom there are no obstacles..thank you for graciously helping me overcome my obstacles and helping me succeed in school this past semester.

Thank you for all your help and for the strength and courage you have given me in the past few months.

I'm forever in your gratitude.