Monday, June 10, 2013

"Your body language shapes who you are"

I dig Ted Talks, and stumbled across this one by the other day on Netflix. If you have a Netflix account and have watched all the "Dr. Who" episodes, take some time to enjoy a few of these great talks. This talk covers the way that your body language can not only have a subtle internal effect on you, but also the way that those changes can effect the way that other people perceive as well. This is the kind of technique that could be backed up with some commanding, power, or "bend over" conjure workings. Check out the video. I am a fan of the phrase" fake it until you become it". That's a good mantra.

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Anonymous said...

Martial arts helps with this. It starts with stance, moves into how you own the space you occupy, and then progresses into how you move your body to get the results you want. Martial arts also help folks to be confident, relaxed, and healthy in posture, all things which improve how others perceive an individual. That was a solid (and funny!) TED.