Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ask Brother Ash #2

Recently someone on Facebook asked me an interesting question, and it is something that came up again while I was on “Candelo’s Corner”. The gentleman wanted to know if he could work Hoodoo even though he is European. To be blunt, anyone that tells someone that they can’t practice Hoodoo because of their skin color is being an asshole. There are enough examples of well known Hoodoo workers from Dr. Buzzard, to the present day Brother Moloch that aren't African American. People like to portray Hoodoo as being for more Afro-centric than it really is in my opinion.  Hoodoo is not an African Traditional Religion (ATR) so it’s not tied into ancestral lineage in anyway. It’s just folk magic practiced by the African Diaspora here in America. Also to focus solely on the African roots of the work and ignoring all of the other influences leads to a lesser understanding of Hoodoo. I often joke that I am about as Afro-centric as NASCAR. That doesn't matter though, because sorcery is about the individual, your mindset, style, philosophy, and personal power. So do your thing, and let the haters do what they do. 

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