Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: In the Drip of an Eave

(Photo Courtesy of " The Wood Witch")
"In the Drip if an Eave" is the latest project from my friend and colleague Modred of The Wood Witch Blog. I was privileged enough to preview and test this prior to release and I honestly can't say enough good things about it. What Modred manages to do here is not just present you with a book on traditional craft, but immerse you in an adventure that leads to a better understanding of the subject by way of a character named Hope. Through the exploring the different written pieces and puzzles the reader is prepared for the revelations of the "Black Book of Hope". I have never experienced or seen anything like this as far as esoteric works go and highly recommend it for both scholars interested in traditional witchcraft as well as occult practitioners of other paths looking for a unique experience. This is being produced in a limited edition of 20 handmade  sets to begin with so get yours now while they last!

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Modred said...

I appreciate your glowing review. Coming from you, a man of your wisdom and skill, these compliments mean all the more. I'm speechless!