Monday, February 13, 2012

Necromancy Oil Part 3: The Altar

This update is a bit delayed since I have been busy with client work and other projects. I exhumed the oil and the skull from the mock grave that I made for after making weekly prayers and offerings of whiskey and tobacco. Once I cleaned everything off I went about setting up a working altar. I decided to place the altar between my ancestral and Santisima Muerte altars. 

I am usually very minimalist when it comes to altars and this one was no exception. Besides the skull and oil, I have two white candles (dressed with van van oil), a water cup, incense burner, flower vase, cauldron, two crow wings,small white cross, and a sickle tool that I made from an antique blade and two found bones I received from a friend. 

After making my weekly offerings and prayers to my ancestors and Her most Holy Death, I conducted a simple rite to call upon the spirits of the unnamed dead. I feel very confident about this work and am happy with the way it turned out. I will be doing some experimenting with the workings for myself before involving the dead with my clients. I look forward to learning more about this form of working, but from research and the spirits. 



Robert Goode said...

Wonderful altars. I assume the one to the right of the main one is your ancestor altar, and the one on the left is to Santa Muerte?

Brother Ash said...

Thanks you. You are correct, although technically the ancestor altar is the "main" one as they always come first in order of service.

大蛇丸三成 長谷川 said...

Hello brother Ash,

I too have been working with the same method LOL with some uhh odd results specially with the unnaned dead Involved.

I'm trying to share a pic but i couldn't attach it somehow. I took Its pic once, I had to send the camera for repair

I did not bind him, the are now a quartet. I just told him to stay. Bring your friends. Although he is becoming to feel..inhuman. as though his/their humanity Is neong chisseled away. I was able to acquire "the real thing" freely.

I would love a fellow practitioners thoughts on this