Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Prayer of Design

About a year or so ago I discovered Andrew Chumbley's "Qutub: The Point". One could write volumes trying to interpret the message and all of the symbolism contained in the 72 verse poem that comprises the main body of the work. However the book ends with a beautiful and simple ritual called the, "Rite of the Opposer".This rite consist of two parts, "The Prayer of the Design", and the "Formula of the Opposer". The Prayer of the design struck me as one of the most direct creeds to encompass the aim of the sorcerer. In regards to the prayer Chumbley writes; "The Prayer of Design may also be used in isolation or as an adjunctive/declaration in other such ritual/meditative procedures." I have begun to use the prayer as part of my own meditations (admittedly not daily as I should) and thought I would share it with those of you who have not yet had the pleasure to read it. May it strike the same chord in you that it has in me.

The Prayer Of The Design

As my words punctuate the silence, and the silence my words
so doth their resonance align and magnify power
sufficent to reify their intent.

As I begin, so doth the design which at my Words shall Become!

My Words encipher me and create reality;
As I speak so these Words ensorcel Possibilities.

That which I shall become will transcend aught that hath been

I will become Other than that which hath been named.

Chaos is the Primogenitor of my Forms--
From whence come my Manifestations.

Existence Itself will be eclipsed by my Shadow.

Chance is my Circle without Circumference;
Fate is my Center without Position.

Magick is my Force: Energy beyond Limitation.

My Body is Transition: From Now unto Now.

My words encipher me and creat Possibilities;
As I speak so these words ensorcel Reality.

As I cease--so doth All--but the design of which I speak.

As I cease--so doth All--but that which I am.

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