Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Frag Out!

About a week or so ago I came across someone asking what they were doing wrong when it came to spell casting and in particularly casting to get a job. Of course he was bombarded with replies to the tune of "you are doing it wrong", or "you may have astrological elements against you" etc. These things may indeed be a factor. The person also mentioned that they only cast one spell which in this case was a candle spell. I advised that he cast multiple targeted spells and recounted my own process that I used last year to acquire a job. Here is that process.

1. First I fixed and burned a 7 day glass candle for a job spell. I laid copies of my resume under the candle. Within the week I had two interviews. For each interview I took one of the resumes that was charged under the candles.

2. I carried charged gravel root in my pocket on the interviews which is traditionally used in getting a job .

3. One job I liked in particular so I decided to do another spell directed at the hiring manager. During the interview I got her full name , she also commented on me being a libra so I knew her sign as well. I decided to do a "sweetening" spell on her. In a shallow bowl I laid down a name paper with her name and my desire anointed with libra oil. I then covered that with job getting herbs and poured honey and commanding oil and fast luck powder over it. I stood a white candle up in the middle of the honey anointed with commanding oil and set it light on my Baron Samedi altar. I let that candle burn all the way down and lit a new candle in it's place each following day. I got the job 3 days later but kept lighting candles on the spell until the new hire paperwork was all finished. Of course I called on the aid of Baron Samedi which was certainly a help, but this spell stands on it's own. One could also direct prayers to a saint, angel or higher power of your choice.

That's pretty much the entire process I took. While you can completely knock it out of the park with one spell it never hurts to utilize a number of strategically targeted workings to achieve your goal. Of course backing these magical acts with as much physical/"real world" effort as possible. Jason Miller champions this sort of approach as Strategic Sorcery and I highly recommend that you check out his blog and book for a better understanding of his technique. I like to call it the sorcery frag grenade myself.

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