Thursday, March 10, 2011

By The Book (A Rant)

I apologize up front because this is about to get ranty. But hell, what's the point in having a blog if you can't vent now and then?

About a week or so ago I posed a question over at . I wanted to know why some Goetic magicians place so much emphasis on summoning spirits to full physical appearance, and assert that somehow achieving this feat ensures a greater chance of success of the goal for that evocation. A few people actually stayed on topic, but like most topics in the realm of evocation eventually it came down to an esoteric pissing match with at least one person proclaiming that they get better results and full manifestation because they do everything "by the book". This person went on to elaborate about his experience with spirits moving objects, breaking things within the room, etc. I am not going to reject that this is all possible, and certainly once you start calling spirits into your working space things will get "weird". But what do those theatrics have to do with Sitri getting me laid, or Bune bringing me some money? Nothing, zilch, nadda, zero.

I think what irks me most about the holier than thou by the book Goetes is that when you ask them if they get by the book results, mums the word. What I mean when I say by the book results is, have they had a spirit instantly transport them from one place to another? Have they had a spirit build them towers and then fill them with munitions and weapons? Of course not. They will then tell you well not everything in the grimoires should be taken literally. It's so easy to pick and chose which things to take literally isn't it, and then pass it off as an initiated point of view?I say screw the books for the most part. Work in a manner that feels right to you, with respect to tradition, and most importantly respect for the spirits. Let your results speak for themselves. If you are not getting the expected results. Go back to the source material, but most importantly ask the spirits. The book won't tell you anything. Results are all that matter. Experiment, and adjust accordingly.

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