Monday, April 25, 2011

The "Satanic Bible: Giving The Devil his due

I have often been asked what is my favorite book when it comes to sorcery or what would I recommend for beginners on the subject. People are usually surprised when I say "The Satanic Bible" by Anton Lavey. While most of the book is geared toward the would be Satanist, Lavey also takes a no nonsense and practical approach to the art of sorcery or what he terms "Satanic Magic". Lavey defines Satanic Magic as:

"The change in situations or events in accordance with one's will, which would, using normally acceptable methods, be unchangeable." 

He goes on to separate the magic into Lesser and Greater. It is the information Lesser magic in particular that I highly recommend to anyone looking for more ways to get results with their workings. To Lavey lesser magic is essentially psychological manipulation. His methods for manipulation requires one to take an honest stock of their own skills, gits, and limitation, as well as having good intel on the target to devise a solid plan to manipulate them to your will. His methods are inspired by a concept called the "Command to Look" originally developed by photographer William Mortensen. Lavey feels that in order to successfully manipulate a person you must be able to effectively  attract and hold their attention, I couldn't agree more.

The command to look is then broken down into 3 main types. sexual (usual physical attraction to seduce and manipulate), sentiment (using a persona that is familiar, disarming, perhaps even whimsical), and wonder (utilizing an image that while odd or unusual, draws a person's curiosity and lures them in). The sorcerer/ess can use either one or a any combination of these categories to draw in their target. Again it is all about preying on their weaknesses while playing to your strong suit. I feel that the art of subtle manipulation utilizing techniques such as these, or things such as NLP and conversational hypnosis are ignored far too often by those relying solely on spell casting to achieve their goals.  I have been utilizing a combination of sentiment and wonder myself for years with good results.

Lavey also goes into detail on ritual or Greater magic.  I find his views on "the balance factor" and the ritual, or "intellectual decompression" chamber. I agree with his assertion that ritual chamber is no place for self consciousness. All of the intellectual part of the working should be done during the planning stage and prior to the ritual. once within the chamber it should be a time of pure emotion, and psychodrama aimed at expanding your will and commanding your goal to manifest. The book contains five ingredients for Satanic magic which are, desire, timing, imagery, direction, and lastly the balance factor. While the first four may not be a terrible revelation to those already practicing magic, the balance factor can serve as a wake up call for both the newbie as well as some seasoned practitioners. I find this concept to be so crucial that I will include it here in it's entirety:

E. The Balance Factor
"The Balance Factor is an ingredient employed in the practice of ritual magic which applies to the casting of lust and compassion rituals more than in the throwing of a curse. This ingredient is a small, but extremely important one.

A complete knowledge and awareness of this factor is an ability few witches and warlocks ever attain. This is, simply, knowing the proper type of individual and situation to work your magic on for the easiest and best results. Knowing one’s own limitations is a rather odd bit of introspection, it would seem, for a person who should be able to perform the impossible; but under many conditions it can make the difference between success and failure.

If, in attempting to attain your goal through either greater or lesser magic, you find yourself failing consistently, think about these things: Have you been the victim of a misdirected, overblown ego which has caused you to want something or someone when the chances are virtually non‐existent? Are you a talentless, tone‐deaf individual who is attempting, through magic, to receive great acclaim for your unmusical voice? Are you a plain, glamorless witch with oversized feet, nose, and ego, combined with an advanced case of acne, who is casting love spells to catch a handsome young movie star? Are you a gross, lumpy, lewd‐mouthed, snaggle‐toothed loafer who is desirous of a luscious young stripper? If so, you’d better learn to use the balance factor, or else expect to fail consistently!

To be able to adjust one’s wants to one’s capabilities is a great talent, and too many people fail to realize that if they are unable to attain the maximum, “a half a loaf can be better than none.” The chronic loser is always the man who, having nothing, if unable to make a million dollars, will reject any chance to make fifty thousand with a disgruntled sneer.

One of the magician’s greatest weapons is knowing himself; his talents, abilities, physical attractions and detractions, etc., and when, where, and with whom to utilize them! The man with nothing to offer, who approaches the man who is successful with grandiose advice and promise of great wealth, has the alacrity of the flea climbing up the elephant’s leg with the intention of rape!

The aspiring witch who deludes herself into thinking that a powerful enough working will always succeed, despite a magical imbalance, is forgetting one essential rule: MAGIC IS LIKE NATURE ITSELF, AND SUCCESS IN MAGIC REQUIRES WORKING IN HARMONY WITH NATURE, NOT AGAINST IT."

While I personally agree with some of the other philosophies within this book, I can understand how the Satanic Bible as a whole may not be for everyone. However in regards to magical philosophy and strategy it is an essential tome and I highly recommend it.

With Regards,

Brother Ash
"You must have the Devil in you to succeed in the arts." Voltaire
"Don't quote me boy cuz I ain't said shit." Eazy-E


H.A.A.S. pelao "maderita",V? said...

ha, never thought i´d see VOLTAIRE and EAZY-E together at ease! lovevilly! will have to read on, have fun!

Brother Ash said...

Glad you like. Those two together pretty much sums me up. Thanks for reading.

Andrè said...

"The change in situations or events in accordance with one's will, which would, using normally acceptable methods, be unchangeable."

Crime is just as outside of those acceptable methods as "magic" is supposed to be. If the SB is the best on that, then in my personal opinion, you simply failed to advance to any degree worth mentioning. Fact is Satanic Sorcery has better authors & no, I am not meaning myself.

Brother Ash said...

I will agree that crime is a way to achieve a limited amount of goals. But in most cases points to lack of creativity and skill on the part of the sorcerer. With all due respect, the fact that this was an emphasis of your reply indicates that you are in no place to speak on my degree of advancement. In my opinion.

Brother Ash said...

I am however interested in hearing your recommendations on Satanic authors.