Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Before you light that candle...

I spoke with a young man recently about the powers of the spirits of Goetia and the Forces of Darkness in general. He wanted to know why is that many grimoires and modern occult writers promise that you can have all of your desires by using the spirits? If it were true wouldn't everyone being evoking demons and living the good life? Well in my opinion most modern occult writers especially of the darker paradigms are in the business of selling books and need some eye catching quote on their dust jacket. Self promotion is the name of the game. It's also very possible that they are greater magicians than myself (they would probably agree) and thus have better results and are living the dream. The young man was seeking the usual money,women, and "power". One thing I feel someone new to sorcery should consider is that there are many in this world that have one or more of these things and do so without ever uttering a single incantation. So one would do well to research the practical real world methods that are used to achieve these goals and then back it up with magick if need be. Magick and especially evocation should not be an excuse for laziness in my opinion. If magick alone could make a person filthy rich I wouldn't be writing this blog right now. I would be in the club "making it rain" and thanking Belial!

Do work son! That is all..

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Thanatomaton said...

That's a great comment. Too many people seem to think magick's some kind of secret ATM, and as a result, the effort and conviction isn't there for them.