Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ask Brother Ash #4

Question: "Brother Ash — There are so many Conjure methods of attracting money. What is your favorite? Or which is the most effective? Thanks!"

Personally I favor mojo hands and money charms that can be carried with me. I don't think that any one method is more effective than another, it's all a matter of preference and taste in my opinion. I have also had good results with "Trained Hunting Money", you can find that method here . Maintaining a money altar can be beneficial if you have the space and time for it weekly. I have one, but must confess that I am not as diligent with working it as I could be. I also highly recommend Jason Miller's book "Financial Sorcery". It is the most in depth book on the subject and covers much more than just spells and conjure. When it comes to making money, knowledge is power. To me money magic is equal parts knowledge or financial literacy, spell work, and good ol' fashioned hustle. The conjure methods that you chose should be in line with how you plan on acquiring the money, it could through a raise at work, gambling, expanding business, getting a loan, etc. Be flexible in the conjure methods that you employ.

Outside of spell knowledge I would suggest Tim Ferris's "Four Hour Work Week", Gary Vaynerchuk's "Crush it!", and I dig a little bit of Ramit Sethi as well.

I hope that helps answer your question a bit. 

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