Monday, July 30, 2012

I am not a psychic

I had a customer ask me a very interesting question recently and it's something that I want to address here. The person wanted to know if I was psychic since I do readings and require a reading before I will take on client for involved spell work. I want to address the easy part of that question first. Why do I require a reading before I will take on a client? Simply put because I am a sorcerer, not a mercenary. People seem to think that simply offering of money should be enough to secure my services no matter what the scenario is, no questions asked. The main reason that I charge for what I do is because my time and skills are both worth money and I am not a fan of wasting either one. Before I can do any spell work I need as much information about the situation as possible, rather I am working for myself or others. Sometimes people will selectively leave out information when they give the initial explanation of their case. It could be that they didn’t think it was pertinent, It slipped their mind, or they are intentionally trying to mislead me. So the only way for me to get to the bottom of the situation is to do some divination to make sure that I am not wasting my time and thus money, or the client’s. I know there are some workers that operate differently and that’s fine but I like my method and madness.

Now, am I psychic? Nope. There are some workers and readers that are truly psychic and some that pose as if they are. Some people even get the impression that any practicing magician should also be psychic and if they aren’t then there is a hole in their game. I am not sure where this idea came from, but is certainly not true. I have even talked to budding sorcerers that beat themselves up for not being psychic enough because they feel that it is expected of them. Does anyone consider John Dee any less of a magician because he needed the help of Edward Kelley as a scryer and medium for his Enochian experiments? They most certainly don’t. I will say that prolonged spiritual practice of just about any sort will result in a higher level of intuitive function but may not always result in what can be considered psychic ability or visions. Intuition certainly plays a role in my readings, but by no means makes it a psychic reading in the traditional sense. 

That main point that I would like to make here is that one does not have to be psychic to utilize divination as a tool. I suppose it all depends on how a person views and approaches a divination technique. For me when I use my cards and dice, I am not utilizing them as a link to my own hidden psychic abilities. For me divination is a way for the spirit world, and specifically the spirits around me to communicate and convey messages or answer questions. Once the cards are laid down I do get impressions from them and use my own intuitive powers as well, but at the core it’s the spirits around me giving me insight into the hidden aspects of a situation. So that’s my approach and why I work the way I do. Some people are naturally more psychically in tuned, and others aren’t. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t. Trusting your gut feelings in the end is just as good as being able to have psychic visions in my opinion.

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Modred said...

Some folks are afraid to be honest, thinking that honesty is weakness in the eyes of clients. Hogwash! You're right when you say everybody can't be a psychic, and being a full on psychic isn't necessary to get stuff done. I would add that not everybody even wants to be (like me). I don't need to be the master of every every martial arts technique to defend myself, know every detail of the tax code to complete my yearly return, etc.