Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mississippi Death Conjure: Commentary

 I saw this set of videos posted by  Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly and found it interesting. Thought I would share and elaborate just a tad for the curious.

The recipe for "conjure clay" is pretty much your basic recipe for homemade clay that you used as a kid:

1 Cup Salt; 1 Cup Flour; 1/2 cup sugar, Food coloring optional; 1/2 Cup Water
Stir salt and flour together in a medium bowl. Add food coloring to water to achieve desired color. Pour water into salt and flour mixture and knead until mixture is doughy, adding more flour or water as necessary. Store in airtight container. Objects made with this clay will air dry in about 48 hours.

The ingredients mixed into the clay vary according to the preference of the worker. You will want to include spanish moss as it is used in poppets meant to represent another human being. Also because of is twisted and gnarled like appearance it is excellent for hexing/crossing. The rest of the ingredients can be any combination of crossing materials i.e. goofer dust, dirt dauber nest, sulphur, black pepper, etc. The number of ingredients that you use should be an odd number.

The anointing oil used on the candle should be black arts or crossing. Make sure you take a spiritual bath after doing this kind of work. It should go without saying, but this kind of conjure is serious and should be taken lightly. Cast responsibly! 


Phoenix said...

Hey :)
I do believe in teaching everything in the Occult - but do you think that posting this online is a little bit irresponsible? I mean I don't mind it, thanks for sharing, but I mean, there are weirdos out there.

Brother Ash said...

I agree that this could be potentially dangerous information for someone to have. I do however feel that there are so many variables that go into a successful curse especially one of this nature that only a skilled practitioner acting in the correct manner would pull it off. You have to consider not only the skill and power of the worker, the strength of the spirit of the target, but also the protection of their ancestors and guardian spirits.

To me hexing is about punishment for a serious wrong doing or injustice that would otherwise go unpunished or allow the person to continue to hurt others. If you are skillful in your casting of the spell, and right in your aim then it will come to pass. Other than that someone could cast this spell until they are blue in the face and nothing will happen.

I see people online claiming to specialize in curses with a 100% success rate and it just makes me laugh.

Phoenix said...

Those people claiming 100% success rate need to be jailed. They seriously ruin vulnerable people's lives ... and make a mockery of magic - but taking money off people who are in a bad way is cruel and there are no morals behind that.

You're right - a newbie performing this isn't going to have the right kind of access to the spiritual world as an expert would. But you know... the world 'is' full of weirdo's!

I like your blog, keep up the good information.

Phoenix :)

Anonymous said...

i meself am very glad to see someone posting this kind of information online. i dont live anywhere near someone who could teach me these things and so i have had to learn all through online searches and books which leave a bit to be desired. nothing like a lil on hands training :) i do agree that these types of spells should not be performed by a newbie or by anyone not considered to be very powerful as well. thanks for the info.